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Autosave and Autobackup

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Autosave means that your project file saves itself automatically once every interval that you have set. The autosaved project file also has a separate autosave-backup file. Autobackup, for short.


With Autosave, you can set the interval CRPA saves the project file to disk, so that if the power is turned off, your work is not lost.
With Autobackup, CRPA saves the project file as a backupfile, one that you do not use but can use if saving to disk has gone wrong somehow and the files on disk can no longer be used.


Click the Auto Save button.

Autosave and Autobackup button


Then the settings window opens.


Autosave interface


The location of the session project file is shown in the upper box. In the lower box you can enter the location of the backupfile.


Use the  'Locate backupfiles' button to set the path and the filename.