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General Best Practice

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Notice that the free downloadable version of CRPA will let you create a maximum of 25 Notes and 10 Sheets per project. Therefore, to make Best Practice work to its and your full potential, you will need a personal license.


The best way I found out so far to work with CRPA, is to create Notes directly in an open Sheet window and to create a new Sheet every time I want to hold on to a new concept 'right now'. Always work with the latest Sheets if I can, and reuse Notes if my current ideas extend what is already written down in any of these Notes. I often find, that while I am creating a new Note, I use words that are in fact referring to other Notes that I created not that long ago, so that is how the network or the story tends to grow! I can easily find my (latest) Notes using the Search window (CTRL-G or CTRL-F) and drag the Note from the Search results, onto the Sheet window, or from anywhere in the Project Tree. And relate it to the Note I was working on. If I want to open another Sheet window that already exists, I just have to click the name of the other Sheet in my Project Tree, and it appears on top.


I find myself always extending what is already there, improving it, and maybe correcting it, changing a Relation between Notes for example. My thoughts are literally growing along lines, sometimes differentiating, at other times integrating, or getting frustrated and stopped in their tracks. After creating a Note, I describe the thought or the observation in the memo area of the Note. I like to put a timestamp underneath (click calendar icon). Then, perhaps after an hour or a day, there is something to be added, so I extend the description and add another timestamp, or create a new Note and relate it to the first and/or to any other Note on the Sheet window. However, I may in the mean time be busy or troubled with wholly new thoughts, that require new Notes or even a new Sheet. Naturally I still use earlier Sheets and earlier Notes or reuse old Notes on new Sheets! So much the better if that happens for then Notes become 'linking pins' between insights / points-of-view / Sheets!


This is fun and very good for exploring, refreshing and above all developing my own mind. Ideas can only become more clear and distinct and when this happens, I usually mark the fact by using bold, italic, colors, icons, line-thickness, positioning on the Sheet or - you name it! This is my 'ongoing concern' and while I conduct my thought this way, I see that memory is served when I want to bring back ideas that are beginning to lose their freshness, so that all my best thinking is kept together, current and growing! Every Note is strengthening or inspiring other Notes, that I have related it to, and Relations, once they are created, will always automatically return and be immediately visible, wherever the Notes turn up to which they are related, so that the strength as one grand total ('whole') of Notes and their Relations is ever growing.


I must stress that I never consider using CRPA as a 'discipline' but always as something I want, or rather, I feel I need, 'in-the-moment' so to speak. That is when some idea has struck me as reliable and valid, even when it appears in 'normal life' and not in my home 'lab', and I know I will rely on it for some time to come (days, weeks at most). CRPA can purify and enrich this fuel almost indefinitely, so that I will benefit from my own experience, my own √Član Vital (Bergson's term), perhaps a lifetime long. And possibly others, if and when they are interested!


For example, this is how a Sheet developed over two days in my CRPA knowledgebase:

Personal Example PMM useScreenshot2days2