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Create an Attachment

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You can create an Attachment by


1.typing a link that starts with "http://" or "ftp://" or "www." in the text of the Note
2.clicking the New Attachment icon Attachment icon when the highlight is on a Note in the project tree
3.right-clicking at the bottom of the Note panel


When you type a link in the text area of a Note, it gets underlined, turns blue and becomes clickable. The same link also becomes visible in the Attachment area of the Note and in the tree, in the Attachment branch and  in the Note branch, next to the Note.


Attachment added in note


When the Attachment has opened, you can choose to enter a file or a URL.


create attachment


By clicking one of the hyphen buttons hyphen button, you can change default name 'New Attachment' and look for a file on your system or a website / URL on the internet. Then you can preview the document in the Attachment or open the website directly from the Attachment.