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Create a Note

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You can create new Notes

1.        by pressing the [Ins] key,

2.        by clicking the New Note icon New Note icon, or

3.        by dragging a Note from the 'stack' (icon: notestack) if and when you have a Sheet window opened.


The new Note will be put where the cursor is

1.        in the Notes branch of the project tree,

2.        in the Sheets- and Notes branch simultaneously of the project tree, or

3.        in the Sheet window and in the Sheets- and Notes branch simultaneously all at once.


This is a Note is created only in the Notes branch:


click New Note icon or Ctrl+N


You can directly give it a new name, when it is highlighted (blue).

Here a new Note is created if the cursor was in a branch when you gave the create-Note command:



new note in a branch


As you can see, the new Note shows up in the Sheets-branch (in Sheet 'My first Sheet'), but also in the Notes-branch. Yet it is the same Note.


In yet a different way a Note is created by dragging one from the Note-stack onto a Sheet window:


drag note to sheet


The Note will open automatically. The "yellow sticky note" only shows the label in the open Sheet window. The default name is "New Note".


new note complete


You can change the Note properties, such as its content (text), color and icons, Sheets that should collect it, or add Attachments. You can see Relations from and to other Notes, but not change them inside the Note itself. To do that, you must visualize them first.


Reuse Notes in other Sheets if you can, so that they become 'linking pins' of the overlap in concepts and contexts. This will show where ideas and facts are still 'black holes' in your thinking, or perhaps 'white sparks'.