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Create a Sheet

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Notes, Sheets and Relations

When you have created a new Note, you can visualize it on a Sheet and relate it to other Notes, turning the Sheet into a Mind Map. You will need Sheets if you want to visualize Notes and Relations between Notes, as a canvas to position the Notes. When you drag a new Note from the Note-stack (icon: stack icon) onto the open Sheet or Sheet window, it is also visible from the Notes branch of the project tree. This is the same Note! You can visualize and position Notes on as many Sheets as you like. The Note will always be the same and it will have one set of Relations to other Notes, however these Relations will be visible on Sheet windows only when the Notes on the other side of the Relations are positioned in the Sheet window as well.


When you open a Note having the same name as a Sheet, then you will be asked if you also want to open the Sheet with that  name:


same name Note and Sheet


Sheets collect Notes, therefore Notes will usually be put into Sheets that already exist. But sometimes the contents or meanings of Notes require a new context, so that you should create a new Sheet for them. This will not make you lose the other context and you can always instantly merge the two by expanding a related Note! In case you need a new Sheet, you can use the new empty Sheet called 'New Sheet' at the bottom of the project tree. The tree only allows one 'New Sheet' at a time, so if you want to create a new Sheet, then first rename the previous Sheet called 'New Sheet'. You can best name it after its collection of Notes, the perspective on the central area of interest, or the concept relating the Notes in it.


A new Sheet is created and opened automatically in a Sheet window at the bottom of the project tree, named 'New Sheet', when you click  a Note in the project tree. If a 'New Sheet' does exist already and you haven't renamed it, a new one will not be created. Therefore, in case you immediately want to use the Note you clicked in a new Sheet window, then you can.


A 'New Sheet' is created when:

1.        you click a Note in the project tree (see above),

2.        you type Ctrl+W (Sheet), or

3.        you click the New Sheet icon New Sheet icon.


new sheet created in the tree


You can directly rename the Sheet if the (blue) highlight is on or when you hit F2. The Sheet's properties can be changed in the Sheet panel or right hand panel of the project tree.


new sheet panel on the right


Opening the Sheet window does not mean opening of the Sheet panel to the right of the project tree, 'unfolding' it as it were. Instead, this means visualizing the Sheet by clicking its name, in the project tree. When the Sheet window is open, you can drag Notes onto it and link or relate the Notes there.


open sheet


Relations between Notes in Sheet windows articulate concepts. Expanding Notes, using their Relations to other Notes, in Sheet windows, can reveal new concepts, because they integrate all articulations on all Sheets from the past.