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You can copy Notes in their original mapping-structure from one or many other Sheets to one Sheet.

(1) Open all Sheets of which you want to copy the maps into one Sheet;

(2) For each Sheet, lasso all Notes you want to copy;

(3) Drag the lassoed Notes (by dragging one of them) across the window border to the one Sheet for the overview;

(4) Repeat this for all Sheet windows.




You can keep an overview even when the Sheets are tiled. To do so, you need to zoom each of them out (make smaller), otherwise the top-left corner is all that will be visible. If you do nòt want to zoom out the Sheet, make sure that the scroll bars only show the top-left corner, or else you will run into the difficulty of being unable to drag the lassoed Notes.


When different maps from different Sheet windows do not seem to properly visualize de Notes, that is because they can only have one position from one Sheet window. You do not need to worry that Relations change, but the way they look is different. The positions of the Notes and Relations of the map you copied last, will be used in the overview.


You can use the overview to

add or
delete Notes and Relations.


Adding or overlapping Sheet windows is one of the most attractive features of CRPA. When you change anything, all Sheets carrying the Notes or Relations associated with your action, may also be affected. Deleting a relation will always be permanent. Deleting a Note from a Sheet will not affect other Sheets. Another way to use Sheet overlap is by using the window for overlapping Sheets combined with the selected Sheet.