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Export a CRPA Sheet

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Exporting from and importing into your CRPA project involves knowledge, not just Sheets. Knowledge consists of Notes and Relations between them, probably created on multiple Sheets. The best way to export a Sheet and all that is in it, is to search for the Sheet specifically and then export the search results. Another way would be to search for a Note that is in the Sheet and export the results of that search, but then other Sheets, where the Note is used as well, will also be exported.


For example: you want to export the Sheet with all your knowledge about one subject, say 'the script for the picture'. Suppose there is one Sheet called 'script for the picture' and one 'finishing the picture'. How do you find the one and not the other? Under the Global tab of the Search window, you search for this Sheet using strings 'picture' AND 'script'. The logical operator AND expects you to use two boxes (the one above the other).


export a sheet with and


And the search result shows you just one Sheet with its Notes. Just for comparison, if you would only have searched for 'picture' the result would have been like this.


Search string


In this case, the results do not only show Sheets in one branch of the project tree, but a Notes branch as well. This is because CRPA is about knowledge, which cannot be restricted to one Sheet alone. Therefore, if you want to export just one Sheet, it is up to you to make sure that only particular Notes go into one particular Sheet.


If you do not want to export the Notes that do carry the search words but that do not belong to the Sheet, you must be more specific, or add the Notes to the Sheet before exporting it. This is probably a good idea because these Notes clearly are on topic anyway.

When you click the 'Export results' button, the following window opens.


export data window


You can choose to export from the search results:

only Notes and their Attachments or
Sheets, Notes, Links and Attachments.


If you want to export the Sheet, you must choose the second option.


Make sure that the path is chosen and you have given a name for the project file that will be put where the path leads to.


export path


Click OK and Export Data. If all went well, the caption of this button turns into Data Exported.


Data export button caption change