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Making sure your work will never get lost

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If you worry that you might lose your work, and do not trust the Autosave and Backup functions enough (Autosave and Autobackup single button), then to make absolutely sure that your work will NEVER get lost, do the following. Save your files manually to a safe place where you know nothing can happen, such as a separate memory device or a different computer.


CRPA will always look to the last session that was saved, so you need to save twice: once to your safe place and after that, making it the "last time", where you are used to work. You will then probably be asked "overwrite?" and do so.


Step 1. While working in CRPA, save your work to a place you do trust on your computer, for example your desktop.


File save as


Step 2. Click [Save].


Save as Safe


Step 3. Go back and click [Save] again. When you are asked to overwrite, do so.


Save as Standard


Now, the next time you start a new CRPA session, your files will automatically be loaded from the place you always work, and NOT from your 'safe place'. If you for any reason want to use the files at your safe place, click menu items [File][Open...], move to your safe place and click the file to open it. Do not forget that where you will save this file, after working with it, must be the place where you normally work.


You can move or copy your CRPA files but then make sure you do so with all seven of them, only one of which normally shows in a CRPA window to save or open a file.