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Navigate a map

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You can navigate a map in a Sheet window, by expanding a Note, thereby showing all Relations from and to other Notes that it has got. For example, if you click on this Note, so that it becomes highlighted, right-click and select Expand:



then the result will be:




Related Notes are shown with their Relations and Relation-types. Black dots at one end of the lines indicate where the Relations start or end.


You can expand Notes repeatedly, as long as there unexpanded Relations between them, so that a path emerges on your Sheet. When the Sheet is filled up with expanded Notes and Relations, you can zoom out to create more space.


The number of relations that a Note has accumulated to and from other, is shown in the visualized Note, between '<' (smaller-than) and '>' (greater-than) symbols. As long as this number is bigger than the Relations shown, you can expand further.