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Import non-CRPA data as Notes and Sheets

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Note: If you are not an experienced user of Microsoft Excel, you may have problems following these instructions.


1. Download this Excel spreadsheet and put it in your "My Documents" directory.

2. Open it and open tab "Text for CRPA Notes".

3. In column "Name of CRPA Note [number]" copy or import your text for the Notes' labels.

4. In column "Content of CRPA Note [number]" copy or import your texts for the Notes' content.

5. Open tab "Text for CRPA Sheets".

6. In column "Name of CRPA Sheet [number]" copy or import your texts for the Sheets' labels.

7. Close the spreadsheet and close Excel (or leave it open).

8. Start CRPA.

9. Select menu item [File] [New].

10. Select menu item [File] [Save as].

11. From [Save as] move to your "My Documents" directory.

12. Save your new CRPA project file as "Notes and Sheets for CRPA".

13. Close CRPA.

14. Open the Excel spreadsheet again or go to it if you did not close it before.

15. Hit keys [CTRL]+[e] to run the macro that will overwrite two CRPA files your project needs.

16. When Excel tells you that files already exist and asks if it should overwrite, click [yes].

17. Start CRPA again.


When CRPA starts, it will automatically open your project including your new Notes and Sheets.


When you close Excel, note that the name of your spreadsheet has changed. If you want to use it again, save it with its original name, "Notes and Sheets for CRPA", as an Excel spreadsheet with macro's.


If you get an error message "I/O error 32" it means that CRPA is trying to use a file that is still under control of Excel or vice versa. When this happens, just close CRPA or Excel.


It is okay if you want to wrap the text, however do not use line breaks (or carriage-returns) in the spreadsheet. Where you want them to show up in CRPA, you can insert a machine-character produced by clicking [AltGr]+[t], รพ ("thorn").


When you add or delete records, make sure that you also add or delete records under tab "Notes and Sheets for CRPA_Not" and tab "(Notes Records)".