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Relate Notes

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Linking Notes by a Relation requires you to create at least two Notes and one Sheet.

1.        open the Sheet,

2.        drag the Notes into it, and

3.        link the Notes.


Create a Sheet. Click the Sheet button.


CRPA start noname sheet


The Sheet window opens automatically.


Sheet before opening


Add a Note. Drag a Note from the Note 'stack'.


Note stack drag


Write what you think, as if you suddenly have a bright idea. One word would be enough but you can write as much as you like in a Note. In this case, I will put down into Notes and a Relation the idea "what I see depends on what I get". 'What I see' and 'what I get' will be objects that I want to be able to select and move in other contexts; 'depends on' will be a Relation or a line from 'what I see' to 'what I get'.


Note header


Close the Note. Drag a second one from the stack into the Sheet window.


Note stack drag note second


Write the other or another part of the idea. Close the second Note.


Notes on open sheet


The Notes now each are created, visualized, added to both the Sheet (still called 'New Sheet') and to the Notes. They are labeled by their headers which are visible in the 'yellows' and '<0>' is added to them, indicating they have no Relations (yet). Now drag the first Note to and over the second Note until the hint message 'link to this Note...' appears.


Drag one note over the other


Select a link from the pull-down menu and click Ok.


choose a link


And there is your new Relation between Notes, visible as a line from the one to the other Note, with its relation type across the middle of it and a black dot at the start, indicating where you should start reading that 'the one Note depends on the other' and not the other way around. This is like an arrow. The '<0>' extensions of the labels have now turned into '<1>' which means their is one Relation linking the two Notes, from 'what I see' and to 'what I get'.


Link between notes2


Once you have related two Notes, the line will be visible in all windows where you will visualize both Notes. Also, the Notes themselves carry this information with them under the 'Memo' tag, headers 'From Note' and 'To Note'. They can be collected and visualized by all Sheets and Sheet windows you have, at the same time. So even though they are objects, as objects they can be seen through many Sheet windows.


Note From Note and To Note


If you want to delete a Relation between Notes, point the tip of the mouse cursor exactly to the line on the Sheet window and click. At both ends the line is extended and a small black square is added.




Press <Del> to permanently delete the Relation / line.


Relations are deleted as a consequence of other actions:

1.        Permanently delete a Note in the Relation, by deleting the Note from the Notes branch in the project tree. Not by deleting the Note from the Sheets branch in the project tree. Then you can always reconstruct the Relationship by expanding the remaining Note. Right click it in the open Sheet window and select 'Expand..', then the Note you deleted turns out not to be deleted at all for it reappears on the Sheet.

2.        Delete the Sheet that holds the Notes and their Relation. Relations between Notes are kept in memory with the Sheets they were created on while the Sheet window was opened, so that when the Sheet is deleted, all that was kept with it, is deleted with it. The Notes are not deleted with the elimination of the Sheets, for they are kept in the Notes branch of the project tree.


Relations between Notes, visible as lines in Sheet windows, have properties that you can change such as:

Relation type
Line thickness
Line color
Shape of the line


To change Relation type, line thickness or color, double click the line. Make sure that the tip of the mouse cursor exactly points at the line. When you have clicked the line, extensions appear with small black squares at the ends.




A window opens for you to change the properties of the line. Click the pull-down menu.


New relation

If you want to create or delete Relation types, click the 'Relation Types' icon icon relation types in the upper icon bar.


One end of the line always has a dot, to indicate the direction of the Relation type. For example 'you know me' in a Sheet window is expressed with a Relation type 'know' and a dot at your end of the line.




To change the shape of the line, first click the line exactly with the tip of the mouse pointer, so that the little black squares appear at the ends of the line, then without moving the mouse, right-click. In the menu that appears, select Curved line.




Now you can drag the small black squares, to curve the line.