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Reuse Notes

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One of the main purposes of Sheets is to reuse Notes, or in other words, to use them as 'objects'.


In CRPA, you can reuse Notes in different Sheets. If the Sheets are closed, and you only see the project tree, then you can drag the Notes into a Sheet. The Note can then be found both in the Notes branch and in the Sheets branch of the project tree. You can also drag the Note to multiple Sheets in the Sheet branch.


Note reused at different dates


If the Sheet window is opened or if the multiple Sheet windows are opened by tiling the windows, then you can also drag the Note from the tree into one or more of the opened Sheets directly. So, you can almost drag and drop any Note from anywhere to anywhere else in CRPA! Below is an example of the same Note Marilyn being reused three times in three different Sheets, one for each marriage.