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There are different ways to open a search window:

click on the search button Search button
click one of the Search menu-items [Alt+s]


The steps of the search and find procedure are as follows:




1.        Enter your search criteria.

2.        Find what you were looking for,

3.        Open the Sheets, Notes or Attachments from the search results box by double clicking their names or right-clicking them to select 'Open...'.

4.        See the search term highlighted in the memo area of the Note.


The search results show the Sheet names. Open the Sheet window by double clicking the Sheet name. The Sheet memo and Notes collected in the Sheet panel will open when you right-click and select 'Open...'


open Sheet window from search results


Be aware that the Sheet that you opened from your search results, will be removed when you close the search window.

To prevent this, you may minimize the search window. Click the window's minimize button clip0052 and open a new search window.