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Sort Notes by Sheet

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You can sort Notes in the Project tree, alphabetically or chronologically, but you can also sort Notes into categories, which is one of the main purposes of Sheets . Each Sheet is (as it were) a category, perspective, context or point-of-view.


In CRPA, you can sort Notes in different ways, by dragging:

1.        Notes to Sheets (or Sheet windows)

2.        Sheets within Notes


Apart from sorting Notes chronologically or alphabetically, you can also sort them by Sheet or category.


One way of sorting Notes would be by dragging Notes to different Sheets like the following picture shows.


drag note to sheet


Another way of dragging Notes to different Sheets would be as follows: the Notes are drawn from the tree panel showing the Notes (see image below). To get this view, click notes branch in the project tree. When you drag and drop a Note from the panel on the name of a Sheet on the left (not on another Note), then the Note is shown in the Sheet's Notelist.


The Note does not yet have a green check mark on it, indicating that is not yet visualized or positioned on the Sheet window. In other words, the Sheet does not know yet where to put the Note, relative to the other Notes that are visualized or positioned and therefore do have a green check mark.


drag note to sheet 2


Also, a Note can be dragged from one Sheet to another to reuse the Note and let it play a role in different contexts (one per Sheet) at the same time. Drag and drop the Note to another Sheet name in the tree, not to a Note in that Sheet. Then the Note is added to the list of Notes for that Sheet and you will see an extra Note icon Note icon appear at the end of the list. The Note is now recollected in both Sheets!


drag note to different sheet


You can also sort Notes quite differently, by dragging (or double clicking) Sheets within Notes. That is a list of all the Sheets the Note belongs to and where it (the Note) is recollected. Above we saw how you can drag and drop Notes into Sheets. When a Note is dragged and dropped into a Sheet, that Sheet is added to the list of all the Sheets the Note belongs to. Under the Sheets tag, every Note keeps a list of all available Sheets and one list of all the Sheets in which the Note is represented.


Click the 'Sheets' tag of a Note.


drag sheets from available to present in 1


You can drag and drop Sheets from a list of all 'Available Sheets' to a new list 'Note present in Sheets'. You can also double click the Sheets' names in the lists.